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Danielle explains the feelings: “It is not getting any easier,” she says, adding that she has been alone with her daughter since the one-year-old was six months old.

“I have two best friends who help by coming to see us, and we get together with my Dad every week.

Your daughter should talk to the boys with whom she’s shared photos and explain the trouble the nude shots could cause for all of them.

If the photos have not been forwarded, everyone can simply delete them.

It's just at night time when Arianna falls asleep I get extremely sad, lonely and emotional.

We single moms should not dwell on sadness or depression at times and the feeling that we are alone in this world. Or take the time to teach your baby and show her the world. It’s hard not to feel isolated when you sense that your coupled friends are busy.You even start blaming yourself for your circumstances. Here, Circle of Moms members share several ways to help alleviate the feelings of isolation and start building new relationships. Let's be real, how do you put your sexy on after a day when "let's snuggle" means cuddling a toddler to nap? Because it seems like there is never a spare moment," she adds, voicing the collective lament of many single moms who say that after working all day and caring for the kids alone, they find themselves in a state of exhaustion — not exactly in the mood to go out and find romance.

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