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Think of all the high school and college students discussing schools, careers, and opportunities.It does present an opportunity to start endless conversations as you can chose to move on within seconds.Sites like this make that possible--without you even being there to supervise! I heard about this website through the news and checked it out... The Next chatter was a girl, I was called sexy and then told to pull down my pants. Not for kids Most of the people I see on Chatroulette are both adults and minors with there genitals hanging out masturbating, making obscene gestures and doing illegal drugs as well as other illicit activities and generally offensive behavior on camera which is a clear violation of the terms and conditions of the use of this website, not to mention absolutely disgusting.Any parent reading this you should not let any children on here. There is a button you can click to report users who violate these terms but there are no moderators on the site to investigate the reports so there are a lot of users who abuse this feature as well.

There is a new spin on an old game, called Chatroulette.Do you know who your child is talking to on their computer? The reality is older adolescents and young adults will have access to these sites.We can encourage our kids to protect themselves by:• Have a no exposure rule- both with yourself and in viewing others.• Don't self-disclose specifics about your life. You never want to give any type of information so that a person can find you outside of the chat room.Some of the features appeared to be down for maintenance on Monday, but the blog Tech Crunch says the adult channels have proved to be the most popular.Ternovskiy also writes that the site has tried to use image-recognition technology and other methods of automated analysis to flag naked offenders. N., Chatroulette will be able to flourish again as it did "before it was discovered by a strange people, who started to abuse the true freedom and democratic nature of the service," he writes. "I hope that someday our service will become a beautiful video world, an internet country with no borders and locations," he writes.

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