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He was the founder of a hemp products empire who was weeks away from being sentenced in federal court for his role in a Ponzi scheme that cost victims more than million, according to coroner's officials and court records.

Tragic: Stephanie Rivera Camarena (above), a 26-year-old beauty queen, died after the speeding Lamborghini she was a passenger in crashed and caught fire also killing the medical marijuana millionaire driver Police say Llamas was driving over 100mph in the green sports car when he lost control and crashed into a palm tree about 2am on Harbor Drive.

It is further reinforced by movies and popular culture where bad people are punished and good people live happily ever after.If you’re going to cheat on your wife or husband, you’d think you’d remember important details – like how often, where you went, what you did, what you said?However, time after time, unfaithful partners say ‘I don’t know’ or come up with such general answers that their partner gets exasperated, angry and fear for the future of their relationship.In order to have risked so much, it must have been really important – i.e. And if you’re in love, you remember and cherish every look gesture and memory.This is most toxic of all feelings and we will do anything to avoid it – because shame is the opposite of love.

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