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Major Stede Bonnet was not what a typical pirate that started his career as a seaman turned pirate.

Instead, Bonnet already had a successful career in the army and he had a large plantation so why exactly he turned to piracy is not clear.

In the second half of the prior century wigs had entered into court fashion in both England and France.

In the early years of the 18th century the Full Bottomed Periwig reigned with its cascade of curls.

Teach "convinced" Bonnet that it would be better if sent one of his own lieutenants to take over command of Revenge while Bonnet went aboard Blackbeard's ship as a "guest." During this this time, it was stated that Bonnet was observed on Blackbeard's ship walking around in his morning gown and tending to his personal library of books he had onboard.

While in Blackbeard's company he participated in the siege of Charleston, South Carolina, and after Blackbeard informed him that he was going to take a pardon and suggested Bonnet do so as well.

The nagging wife theory is one possibility, but in the end he will be known in pirate history as the pirate gentleman.

Throughout western history wigs have come and gone from fashion, but it is undeniably the 18th century that was the golden age of male wig wearing.

(The Charleston siege and Blackbeard's loot treachery are explained in more detail in Blackbeard's story.) Despite his pardon and privateering plan, Bonnet soon returned to piracy.

After about 5 long hours, the battle ended suddenly when the pirate rose the white flag to surrender.

Rhett was surprised to find that the pirate captain was Major Stede Bonnet on his new ship Royal James and his two consort vessels.

At that point he decided he had enough so he bought a sloop and outfitted it with ten guns using his own money (an unheard of practice for a pirate!

) He rounded up a crew of 70 for his newly christened sloop Revenge and set sail for his new pirate life.

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