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What they do is assess how likely a borrower is to be able to repay its debts and help those trading debt contracts in the secondary market.

That means for those trading debt contracts such as Treasury gilts after they have been issued, ratings agencies help assess a fair price to charge.

For a decade, CR conducted independent testing and research to highlight the dangers of cigarettes.

The Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health used CR’s work to draft its landmark report.

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Last October, Standard and Poors (S&P) downgraded Spain's sovereign ratings to BBB-, just one grade above junk status.Because each agency's approach is slightly different, we have colour-coded them in three broad categories too. Ratings for previous updates last year and in 2011 are in the spreadsheet, so you can see how ratings have changed over time. On this page you will find Euro NCAP's latest ratings, sorted by the date of publication, by star rating and by make in alphabetical order.CR helped to mobilize support in Congress to create the CFPB, an independent agency responsible for overseeing the financial industry with powers to police abusive practices and to enact new consumer protections.CR was one of the first groups to test food packaging for BPA.

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