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Be it the uninvited glances of a man who notices you in line at the grocery store, or a slew of emails from guys that don’t meet your basic requirements. Starting now, express thanks/gratitude to these men who are noticing you, and accept their arrows as you would a kind stranger who offers you flowers. ” Masculine energy shoots the arrow and feminine energy either accepts/absorbs it, or you can politely thank the man, gather up the arrows, and put them in a pretty vase decorating your entryway table.

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Your circle of men will increase and with that will come more arrows, and more quality men.A man falls in love when he feels like he can make you happy by being himself and sharing the deepest parts of who he is. By opening up and sharing your feelings, you allow him to connect to you and the positive experience you are sharing.By rejecting those parts, you make him feel wrong and cause him to protect his true feelings — and his heart — from connecting with yours.3. It makes him feel good that he makes you feel good, and he'll want more of that good stuff.Instead of trying to convince him to commit, share your dreams and what you want for your future.For example: "I don't want to put pressure on the relationship. It feels good to be with you, but I know I want to have a family someday. "When he sees that you are first and foremost committed to yourself and your dreams, he will feel fired up about you.

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