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Due to the pervasive need for date-time programming, many libraries have been written to support date-time programming.Unfortunately, the date-time domain appears simple and trivial, but is deceptively complex.I base this on the hope that your detailed design does not depend on particular utility classes. I recommend you write wrapper clasess for the Rogue Wave classes and install the wrappers.Once that works, remove Rogue Wave from the wrappers. From a detailed design point of view, what is needed to eliminate Rogue Wave from the C code.Nobody on the forum has any idea what your design is.What does your design look like, and whats wrong with the RW stuff that you want to remove it?

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You want to change your design so that you don't use the RW stuff anymore?

The proposal provides a foundational library to simplify application development that needs to manipulate dates and times.

In addition, by providing efficient value types, like type to provide a cleaner interface than is possible with a primitive type.

It is One of the Trusted Library in all Legacy System Applications.

The representation of dates and times is a recurring problem for software developers.

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