Ryan reynold and sandra bullock dating

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Always one to put family first, Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock celebrated the holiday season with her son, Louis, 4, on a vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyo., where she enrolled him in ski lessons so they could hit the slopes together.

Along with her loving family, Sandra has great friends and a thriving career. “Sandra has everything a woman could want in life – except a good man,” confides a pal.

Yet while some celebrity couples will be forever ingrained in the hallowed halls of pop-culture moments (reference the engagement of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez; the uncoupling of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin), others just vanish from our memory, as if they never happened.

Well, get ready to And for the record, celebrity twosomes we could never, ever forget about, no matter what?

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The worst parts of being dumped or breaking up is the night time, going to sleep and wanting to fall asleep and wondering where they are every second of the time."That being said, Bullock didn't believe that rebounding was going to solve all her problems. Yes, sometimes you stay in a place for a while because you're trying to figure out.

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Vacation Together Who knows what caused the relationship to chill, whether it was Blake or just the natural fizzling out of a romance, but either way, we bet Sandra will be just fine.

And for the record, we're still rooting for her.

Kim and Kanye, Brad and Angelina, and Brad and Jennifer Aniston.

And yes, the reigning Sexiest Man Alive, 34, and Best Actress Oscar Winner, 46, both split from their spouses within the past year.

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