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But not everyone uses those masks for kindhearted intentions… His tongue seems determined to refuse to work to his whims, leaving him stumbling to reach a coherent line of questioning. ” It wasn't what he was meaning to ask, but it's the only thing he manages that doesn't short his brain out a bit.

for most, they use those masks to lure, to maim, to destroy something that was apart of someone else - whether it be innocence, love, or any positive feeling that the abuser loathes and wants for themselves. The image before him might permanently be burnt into his mind, for better or worse.

Graham Coxon has already decided that the world of the living isn't for him, but could a handsome stranger and a vicious game of cat and Mouse change all that? Ally Goodbear is a recent hire at GCS(Generic Company Productions).

Pitted against the world, she is forced on a high concept project her boss, Yamada, drags her into. But, through several hours of binging their content and interviews, can Ally secure and produce a decent television show with the misfits? "captainmuds: And why is our groupchat named after a memewasabibitch: im going to be honest i didnt even know you knew what memes are"nobody throws a party like gorillaz, and nobody's groupchat proves it more An otaku guitarist, a tattoo artist, a hip-hop bookworm, and an ex-hitman have their encounters intertwine.

Gengster Ini kerana, kata beliau, penghuninya yang sebelum itu hanya terlibat dengan jenayah kecil-kecilan mendapat ‘didikan lanjut’ semasa ditahan di penjara itu.

“Di dalam sana, mereka dididik dan dilatih selok-belok dunia gengsterisme oleh gengster yang lebih hebat dan apabila keluar, mereka menubuhkan rangkaian samseng yang lebih kuat,” katanya.

When they cross paths with Gorillaz, similarities were noted among the members.Two bands, four members each, and a rivalry sparks between them.If only they could wish on shooting stars to make their problems go away...Ada masanya perkara yang ditimbulkan beliau agak mengejutkan.Misalnya, pada Mac 2007, beliau mendakwa Penjara Simpang Renggam di Johor kini menjadi ‘pusat pengajian’ untuk melahirkan gengster yang mempunyai rangkaian hubungan antarabangsa.

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