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Sorry, lol, you can tell I don't know much about women's fashion.

but I do consider myself a fairly good judge oddly enough! It was nice to that -'s weight loss hadn't turned her into a rail. For as good as Marice looked, had seen to go in the other direction, at least in a physical sense.

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It was still big enough that it jiggled slightly when she walked. He was sporting some kind of dockers and a stripped button down shirt that you might expect to a tax attorney in on a morning.

He'd become quite fat and unfortunately developed a bit of an over sized gut.

I poured some coffee for each of us and we did just that.

Yeah, divorce sucks, but making it bigger than it is helps no one. It really was great to them as I've much known both of them since I was about years old.

They lived nearby and they were the sort of folks that I was never the greatest friends with, but at the same time, they'd randomly come in and out of my existence on a regular basis.

There is so much to explore, so much fun to be had!

Depending on the dysfunction of any particular marriage or family, divorce can be a cake walk. WE agreed to meet at my house so they could my digs and out before heading to the diner.

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