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Following Wilson's health troubles, the couple reconciled again last year, but it only lasted a few months.

The actor was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles after allegedly overdosing on painkillers, with his lawyer later confirming he was suffering from depression.

After a rocky couple of years, it looks like Owen Wilson finally has something to smile about.

The actor, who was diagnosed with depression two years ago after his split from Kate Hudson, appears to have found love again.

In an effort to negotiate peace and bring renewed prosperity, Woodrow Wilson presented the “14 Points” to Congress — a set of principles that sought to bring about justice. Keeping things hush-hush helps no one, so diplomatic negotiations shall be open and public. Polish statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski (who, in addition to being prime minister and foreign minister was also a virtuoso pianist and composer …

Let’s cooperate and help countries rebuild, allow them the resources they need to thrive and do all we can as a global community to give peace a chance. A Polish state shall be reestablished, and it should have access to the sea and assured political and economic independence and integrity.

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