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Sweetie 2.0 will be launched in about a year and is due to run three to four years.

You control the Beam using the arrow keys on your laptop, receiving a constant audio/video feed of the physical environment surrounding the robot.Tilburg professors Stefan Bogaerts (Clinical Forensic Psychology) and Bert-Jaap Koops (Regulation & Technology) are involved, in cooperation with children's rights organization Terre des Hommes, in upgrading Sweetie 1.0, the virtual minor girl that identified thousands of pedophiles on the internet.The Tilburg researchers are working on a new method (Sweetie 2.0) with which potential perpetrators of webcam sex with children on the internet can be more easily traced.Observe as a corporate executive (ensconced in the comfort and privacy of her own home) fires up her global fleet of remote robot slaves, logging into each one, seeing what they see and hearing what they hear.She leads a meeting during which she commands flesh-and-blood underlings from within the fortress of a cold, robot shell.

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