Shiv raaj ratnam dating mani

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Aishwarya, who’s among the cast, says, “I think there’s something about me and multi-starrers.I am really fortunate to get this offer at this point of time in my career.

It is known that members of the Censor Board and politicians in Maharashtra have liked the film. The result: Tinnu Anand as Bal Thackeray is reduced to an immensely forgettable cameo that disappears within a few frames."Even cutting a bit of my film had to be done," says Ratnam.This is no saccharine-tinged Koirala, but an actress who is convincing in her role as a small-town girl transformed into a young mother who struggles to come to terms with devastation in a big city.Swamy plays a proofreader-turned-gutsy reporter and convincingly delivers the role of a sane man grappling with a maddening environment."Why do they keep asking about my religion again and again? Both Swamy and Koirala are convincing as the agonised parents whose children are lost and subsequently found in the mayhem.Koirala, in fact, has given her best performance to date in the film.

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