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Věk 42 z Hirschaid, Germany Online - 2 týdnů zpátky Žena Hledající Muž (250 Km daleko) I am the proud mother of two wonderful boys, ages 5,5 and 2,5 yrs. Those boys are everything to me and I would love to find a guy that will take me with the "whole package" :) Would you like to spend your spare time with us, going to the park...Věk 63 z Bad Wildungen, Germany Online - 2 týdnů zpátky Žena Hledající Žena (394 Km daleko) I am a lovely person with good sense of understanding and very easy going.Single American mothers live in poverty 5 times more often than married parents.(National Women's Law Center, Poverty & Income Among Women & Families, 2000-2013) The topic is less contentious in Western European countries where all families enjoy more robust state-sponsored social benefits.

The demographics of single parenting show a general increase worldwide in children living in single parent homes.Single parenting has become a norm in the United States and is a trend found in many other countries.The morality and advisability of single motherhood has long been debated in the US.The 1980 United States Census reported that 19.5% were single parent households.From 1980 to 2009, the percentage of single-parent households jumped to 29.5%.

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