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Still, his wants are paltry compared with those of Dana Vizneau, president of Blue Dog Network, another company that will be looking for a suitor on the speed-dating circuit.The company runs 20 computer servers creating what Vizneau likens to a Fortune 500 company's network infrastructure.Delbusso, who is giving equity shares to about 10 friends who are working for him, said he is spending ,000 to ,000 of his own money to cover this season, including a promotional tailgating tour to more than 20 games around the country.Watching the online shows will be free, but Delbusso is betting the tips will entice people to pay to subscribe to the "War Room," a section of the Web site with expanded information and advice.The Trump administration is considering ways to require imported automobiles to meet stricter environmental standards in order to protect U. carmakers, according to two sources familiar with the administration's thinking.One of the biggest stunners of the New York Auto Show came from an unlikely stand — that of Genesis, Hyundai's nascent luxury spinoff.Like first dates everywhere, these come with high hopes and fluttery nerves.The financial stakes, though, could go well beyond who pays for dinner.

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The idea for the site grew out of a Friday newsletter Delbusso started e-mailing to friends two years ago, breaking down the odds on the weekend's college and pro football games.

The Genesis Essentia Concept was described as a multi-motor EV with a 0-60 time of 3 seconds and enough silicon to pass the Turing test, but that's not what made it special.

It stood out because it's downright gorgeous, a proper show car seemingly plucked from the golden age of pre-OPEC oil embargo dream machines.

Now, MW Motors has announced that the resulting vehicle is ready to launch. In recent days and weeks, Tesla shares have seen some of their lowest prices in since they first surpassed 0 a year ago.

Ahead of the announcement of the company's first-quarter production figures, amidst a Moody's downgrade, the price took a hit.

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