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To check the personality, you can press the power button and see if it makes a “kill” noise (as in stopping an FTC program) or a “match mode” noise (meaning it just changed to FRC match mode). This step should be already be complete from when you set up the robo RIO, but if not, log into the robo RIO and run the pairing utility using “/home/admin/config USB.” For more details, click here. Prepare to Drive – Make sure the robot is on blocks or everyone is clear (you know, just in case) and plug in joysticks to the USB ports on the Chap R.

The event always starts on a Friday evening and ends on the following Monday morning.The tournament still did not have separate classes.The next tournament took place in the spring of 1994, and the tournament gained in popularity; fifteen universities from Germany participated. You can look at various FIRST sites for help on this, but by “deploy” we mean make sure the code can run without a laptop (and will not disappear after rebooting the robo RIO). Insert the KC4134 Bluetooth Dongle – Make sure the robo RIO is on and insert the KC4134 into one of the USB ports (it does not matter which one). Turn on your Chap R – Hold down the power button (the red one).It allows you to practice by running a full match (a.k.a running autonomous for the proper amount of time, then automatically switching to tele Op, notifying when the end game starts and automatically disabling the bot at the end of the match). If you would like to completely disable this functionality, click here. Once nothing is horribly out of the ordinary, go ahead and take the bot off of blocks and have fun driving around without a PC! When you are ready to end tele Op (or if something does go wrong), hit the black button again to end tele Op.

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