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Sir Flinders Petrie to establish the temporal order of a large number of Egyptian graves.Some typologies go beyond the problem of order and help to show the importance of particular factors.Only 8 statues have been scientifically analysed, a further 4 have been identified visually, and another 2 have unconfirmed analyses.From this meagre information it emerges that indigenous woods were preferred to imported woods.This view has been contrasted with the “Swedish typology” of Oscar Montelius, which sees cultural material as produced through a process analogous to that of organic evolution—a view that might be a step toward delineating processes of interaction and development per se, regardless of the sources of the material.In anthropology and archaeology, typological systems may be based on variations of style or artifacts, paintings, buildings, burial customs, social systems, or ideologies.A typology elicits a particular order depending on the purposes of the investigator and on the phenomena so arranged, an order that limits the ways in which the data can be explained.There can be different interpretations of the relations of the phenomena.

Because a type need deal with only one kind of attribute, typologies can be used for the study of variables and of transitional situations.

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A corpus of 217 wooden statues dating from the Egyptian Old Kingdom is examined and discussed in detail.

127 statues have been dated to individual reigns within the Old Kingdom and are placed in chronological order (Catalogue A).

They form the basis of a chronological feature list.

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