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Classifications, on the other hand, deal with “natural classes”— with groupings that differ from other groupings in as many particulars as one can discover.For this reason classifications can be only a preliminary step in the study of variables, for they cannot deal elegantly with transitional situations in which variables are to be expected.Typologies are characteristic of the social sciences and have had a great development in archaeology.Arne Furumark, a Swedish archaeologist, regards typologies as applicable to archaeology because of the inertia of the human mind, which usually views the undisturbed development of material culture as taking place gradually.Catalogue C comprises statues which have no parallels in Catalogue A , but do sometimes have a parallel in Catalogue B, and which in the absence so far of evidence to the contrary, may be assigned to the Old Kingdom.

Typology, system of groupings (such as “landed gentry” or “rain forests”), usually called types, the members of which are identified by postulating specified attributes that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive—groupings set up to aid demonstration or inquiry by establishing a limited relationship among phenomena.

Only 8 statues have been scientifically analysed, a further 4 have been identified visually, and another 2 have unconfirmed analyses.

From this meagre information it emerges that indigenous woods were preferred to imported woods.

Using the dating criteria from the feature list, and by drawing parallels with Catalogue A, a further 75 statues (Catalogue B) have been assigned to individual reigns within the Old Kingdom.

New features from Catalogue B are then added to the chronological feature list.

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