Unknown cpu is detected updating bios is required

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BIOS update is reguired to unleash its full power (BIOS): Unknown cpu detected.

"Power supply surges detected during the prevyous power on" - win7x 64 ....

strict (default): access to resources claimed by ACPI is denied; legacy drivers trying to access reserved resources will fail to bind to device using them.

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acpica_no_return_repair [HW, ACPI] Disable AML predefined validation mechanism This mechanism can repair the evaluation result to make the return objects more ACPI specification compliant.thinkpad_acpi, sony_acpi, etc.) instead of the ACPI driver.acpi_force_32bit_fadt_addr force FADT to use 32 bit addresses rather than the 64 bit X_* addresses.acpi_enforce_resources= [ACPI] Check for resource conflicts between native drivers and ACPI Operation Regions (System IO and System Memory only).IO ports and memory declared in ACPI might be used by the ACPI subsystem in arbitrary AML code and can interfere with legacy drivers.

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