Unknown cpu is detected updating bios is required

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By default, this is disabled due to x86 early mapping size limitation.

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SLanguage=fr-fr tu le dézippes tu obtiens un fichier iso tu cliques sur suivant et tu vas chercher ton fichier le plus difficile est de ne pas se tromper de fichier pour la carte mère si tu n'as pas asus update , tu le télécharges........acpi_mask_gpe= [HW, ACPI] Due to the existence of _Lxx/_Exx, some GPEs triggered by unsupported hardware/firmware features can result in GPE floodings that cannot be automatically disabled by the GPE dispatcher. acpi_no_static_ssdt [HW, ACPI] Disable installation of static SSDTs at early boot time By default, SSDTs contained in the RSDT/XSDT will be installed automatically and they will appear under /sys/firmware/acpi/tables. Note that specifying this option does not affect dynamic table installation which will install SSDT tables to /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/dynamic.This facility can be used to prevent such uncontrolled GPE floodings. acpi_rsdp= [ACPI, EFI, KEXEC] Pass the RSDP address to the kernel, mostly used on machines running EFI runtime service to boot the second kernel for kdump.thinkpad_acpi, sony_acpi, etc.) instead of the ACPI driver.acpi_force_32bit_fadt_addr force FADT to use 32 bit addresses rather than the 64 bit X_* addresses.

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