Updating eee pc 900

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Insert the USB Pen Drive or USB Card Reader with the bios on it and boot the machine.

4) During POST press ALT F2 and the Bios Update Utility will start looking for USB Device, it will find yours and will start reading the 1000file, once done it will delete the current bios and then will replace it with the new one.

To prevent this, update the BIOS, which is the software your motherboard uses as the liaison between the operating system and hardware.

Panasonic provides free BIOS updates for their Toughbook line of computers.

I tried Xubuntu at first, but did not like the interface (and the default apps pre-installed) and there were hardly any performance gains. I am very impressed by the LXDE desktop environment and the UI performance.

The responsiveness of the UI is remarkably better than other desktop managers on a small netbook.

And you still get the underlying strengths of the Ubuntu (Debian) based package management in it’s latest revision.

That means most applications come packaged and there’s PPA’s for the rest. Hat tip to the Lubuntu maintainers and LXDE developers – excellent work in producing a no-frills but very functional, decent looking & usable desktop environment for devices that are getting a bit older …

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So while waiting for the installs on the other machines to finish I thought about updating the EEEPC as well.Back up any personal or important files from the Toughbook. S degree in networking and one in software development and continues to develop programs and websites in addition to writing.This is a precaution in the event the BIOS update does not complete successfully. Crowder has been a freelance writer on a variety of topics including but not limited to technology, education, music, relationships and pets since 2008. Here are the most recent bios updates for the 2g 4G and 8G eee pcs.The folks over at eeeusers have already compiled a nice guide for updating the bios so I'll just link to theirs instead of creating my own.

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