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The author of this tool is Adam Blaszczyk; the version published here was updated to support the Unicode WCX API. like Vimperator for firefox , Vimium for google chrome . - ( , ): 1) Total Commander'a (v 7.03) 2) 3) Catalog Maker (v 2.4, v 3.1.5) 4) Disk Dir (v 1.1) 5) Disk Dir Extended (v 1.32, 1.55) 6) "dir" ( : A, C, L, N, O, S, T, 4) 7) "tree" 8) dir Dos Box'e 2. Almost all features of the TC directory menu are supported, including plugins and pseudovariables. If you dont use Total Commander Favmenu can be set to work with Windows Explorer.

like vim , you can switch between three modes in viatc 1. This option will be automatically offered on first start-up if TC is not detected.

(, , , ...) / (, , , ...) (, , , ...) ( ) , / / / .

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More details : this is a lst2multi replacement with Much More features ! Purpose of the utility is to simplify the handling of several editors.

When the name or the path of the focussed file changes (e.g. Checkbox: &Use as additional Checkbox: &Always use this program to open this filetype Also the Button O&K has been changed to &OK.

TCMetadata Viewer shows the metadata and a preview image for the file, which is focussed in TC in the opposite file panel. In this patched version this annoyance has been fixed by stripping the & from the following strings: Button: &other program...

press Esc to edit mode and press Esc again to vi mode . (Or if you use different mouse buttons clicking on it.) Either watch this Video or read the included PDF to get informations about installation and usage. Each button bar will start with predefined number buttons which you will use to switch from button bar to another. : ------------ - WCX - WCX - WCX Multi languages support: ------------------------ - Russia (default) - English (by author WCX Tweak) - Chinese (by Shao Zi yang ([email protected])) - Polish (by Dariusz J.

To Enable/Disable viatc, press ALT Esc You can also use "hjkl" to navigate in help window. ========= Hotkeys Modes Esc : Enable Vim mode ; : Enable command line mode : : Enable command line mode and insert ":" i : Enable edit mode Alt Esc : Enable/disable all vim shortcuts Moving around j : Move down by times k : Move up by times h : Move to left by times l : Move to right by times J : Select files down from current K : Select files up from current G : Go to line Navigation H : Back L : Forward u : Upper directory U : Go to root directory o : Open the left drive list O : Open the right drive list d : Directory hotlist (Like ctrl d) ` : Display directory history ~ : Save directory history File r : Rename Only R : Multi-rename i : Edit text at rename mode I : Create a folder y : Copy the file name to clipboard Y : Copy the file name and path to clipboard x : delete file X : Force delete files a : Change attributes A : Files associate Search and Tools / : Quick search ? The active button bar number will be pushed and colored by red to easily know what is the current button bar you are using. Kawecki ([email protected])) - Ukrainian (by ([email protected])) - Dutch (by Karel Leferink (k_leferink&hotmail.com)) - Hungarian (by Negyedi Vilmos ([email protected])) - German (by Jost Heyne ([email protected])) Win'9X, Win XP TC 6.01The Re Date Addon is something like the counter [C] in TC's Multi-Rename Tool, however, it is for file dates (and times).

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