Updating homebrew channel

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Two options include Wii SCU and Pimp My Wii (site is in French), either of which can be used to update channels.To install either one, just extract the application files to your Wii SD card's "apps" folder (you can find more information on installing homebrew apps on the last page of our step-by-step Wii homebrew installation guide).This is a step-by-step guide of how to install the Homebrew Channel on your Wii console.The methods described in this tutorial covers the Smash Stack, Yu-Gi-OWNED!The first corresponds to the backing up of NAND memory, the second; "injecting" NAND back into memory...Select the first option (you must have at least 512MB of space on SD card to do so) to back up NAND.The Homebrew Channel does not show up in the console's play logs, however this does not affect the Wii in any way whatsoever. If you already have an SD card that is compatible with your Wii, you may be able to put all necessary files alongside the already existing files on your SD card given you have enough room.

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Place your cursor onto the "Launch Boot Mii" selection and press A.

If you're running something earlier, though, you'll need to update your platform.

To install channel updates without installing a system update you will need a homebrew application designed to update specific Wii Channels while avoiding a system update.

With Wii SCU you will be shown a list of individual updates for your channels, plus some other updates.

Wii SCU has a simple interface but doesn't tell you what non-channel-specific updates need to be installed for specific channels to work.

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