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When I left, I somehow managed to forget a bicycle tire on my balcony, a spare tire that I had been meaning to patch.

The balcony was so moldy and terrifying that I rarely stepped out on to it, and simply forgot that the tire was there. And that's ON TOP OF the non-refundable cleaning service.

Let them know that you believe the charges to be bogus. Write your complaints down in the form of letters and send copies to an attorney, even if you don't plan to hire an attorney. ", ask them why it's so important for them to take such a small sum away from you. Keep as much of the communication in writing as possible. " but you always come off better if you are polite and well-mannered. If you don't get your money back, do make sure to publicize your experience.

Send them to your uncle the tax attorney, if you have to. Verbal agreements (and disagreements) simply don't offer enough proof. If you do have to go to small claims court, judges will look askance at written proof of your rudeness. If you do decide to take a landlord to small claims court, if only to fight what you see as injustice (and keep in mind that if you win, you might be able to get your court fees paid for), do let them know ahead of time. Be reasonable, but if you truly believe that you were screwed over, let other people know.

I have never lived anywhere that didn't require me to pay a cleaning deposit.

So I'll clean up anything egregious, like the aforementioned caulking (I so hate caulking), but the rest of the place, I leave broom-clean. Make sure that the landlord does a walk-through with you, and have them sign an agreement that you have left the apartment in fair condition. You have the right to protect your money and yourself. Don't assume that a super-nice landlord equals a returned security deposit.

if there is vague or little move-out items for security deposit, have the landlord stipulate in writing what normal wear means, etc.

definitely do a check-in inspection sheet as posted.

Before moving out of my North Seattle apartment, I cleaned from top to bottom, bleaching the mold that formed in the closets (it was there when I moved in, and I battled it monthly), relining the cupboards with that stick-on liner so they were clean and fresh-looking.My boyfriend helped me to repair a shelf that had completely collapsed in the closet.I never wear shoes in the house, so the carpet was spotless.Assuming you are responsible for damaging the carpet and it only had one year of useful life left, you should only be on the hook for about 15% of the replacement cost.Same goes with paint: was the the paint brand new when you moved in? Every state has different laws regarding just how much leeway both renters and landlords are given.

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