Updating to new version of eclipse Free hookup xxxsex

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With Automatic Updates enabled, Eclipse will check for updated versions of the plugins each time it starts and inform you if an update is available.

This will help insure you are notified of new versions of the WPILib plugins.

You should choose the version of eclipse that matches your operating system and version of Java from above.

At the time of this writing the current version is Oxygen (4.7) and that is what we've been using for development of the tools.

One suggested setting to note is: "Save automatically before build." This setting will cause all of your workspace changes to be saved when you build the project.The current suite of text-based languages, Java and C , utilize the current version of Eclipse as a development environment.The FRC specific tools for the chosen language are installed as Eclipse plugins.Note: on 64 bit Linux systems it might be necessary to install 32 bit version of libc.For example, on Ubuntu Linux, the command would be: Move the extracted folder to Program Files or some other convenient location from which to easily run it.

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