Updating vb window from a c program

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Once the page has completed loading, you use the Document Title to verify that you are at the right site. The easiest method I found to do this was simply by downloading a file, using the Unique Update ID constant that you set earlier. Refresh() Updaterfile = App Path & "\Update Log.xml" Serverfile = " & Update Site & "/" & Update ID & ".

Scott Swigart Swigart Consulting LLC May 2006 Applies to: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2005 Edition Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 .

NET Framework 2.0 Summary: This article shows how you can add automatic updating functionality to your existing Visual Basic 6.0 applications, using features now available with the . (10 printed pages) Click here to download the code sample for this article.

Introduction Click Once Deployment Click Once Deploying a Visual Basic 6.0 Application Versioning Conclusion Deploying applications is hard. Applications often require additional COM components to operate, and these components require registration. You may have previous versions of the application installed that may require removal.

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To begin with Click Once deployment, it's important to have the latest version of Visual Studio.Invalidate Rect(NULL) method) should do the trick: it invalidates client area and causes the system to send WM_PAINT to the window to redraw it.If you want immediate redraw, you should also call Update Window() just after invalidation.Your first task is to check whether you have an open connection to the Internet. You also have a countdown timer running to make sure that you don't wait too long for a connection.For that, you add a Standard Web Browser object to your form. Enabled = True While Not (Http Wait Or Time Out Or Canceled) System. Just remember: The more complex your web page, the longer to load it. You also have a cancel button on your form so that, if the user does have a slow Internet connection, or just does not want to worry about the update right now they can skip the update. Cancel = True End If End Sub Private Sub Load App() Shell(App Path & "\" & App EXE, App Win Style. Close() End Sub Here, you simply use the Shell command to start the main application and exit the updater. However, many may ask, "Why not do all this within my main application? Text = "Reconnecting to Remote Server" & _ vb Cr Lf & " Please ensure that your Internet connection _ is active" Button1.

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