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Using Epson Net Print, you can find a device located in the same segment or beyond a router.

Epson Net Print automatically uses the printer’s IP address if it is changed with the server’s or router’s DHCP function.

For Windows XP: Click Local printer attached to this computer, clear the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer checkbox, and then click Next.

Select the Create a new port radio button, and then select Epson Net Print Port from the list. If you want to search devices in other segments, click the N/W Settings button.

Easy BCD can be used regardless of whether or not the BCD bootloader is installed to the MBR, but in order for any of the settings visible in Easy BCD to take place upon reboot, the MBR must be configured to use the BCD.

For details on confirming on the control panel or printing a network status sheet, see Setting up Printer LAN Using the Control Panel.

There are many cases wherein the MBR and sometimes the bootsector are modified against your will, resulting in a system that doesn’t work the way you want it to.

In these cases, you’ll want to use Easy BCD’s bootloader installation components to update the MBR and bootsector to a compatible version, or else you’ll find yourself unable to view Easy BCD’s boot selection menu.

High-Speed printing: Select the High-Speed Printing (RAW) radio button.

The Epson high-speed printing port sends a print job to the target network device without spooling all of the print data.

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