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The ‘dated technology’ used by US Army soldiers since the 1980s is set to get a major upgrade.Soldiers at the 101st Airborne Division’s Fort Campbell base have received the Army’s new Modular Handgun System: the M17 and ‘compact’ M18 pistols.

The M9 has remained the standard since 1986 - but, over the next decade, the new MHS will be distributed to all units to replace the old pistol‘In order to maintain our decisive edge, we must continue to outpace our potential adversaries with more lethal capabilities, from the modular handgun system we fielded today to the innovative and adaptive air assault concepts, equipment and training the 101st continues to perfect.’The M17 and M18 are equipped with an external safety and self-illuminating lights, according to the Army.

According to the Army, the new weapons are more accurate, easier to fire, and more lethal than their predecessor, and will eventually replace the M9 pistol (left) that has been the standard sidearm for the last 31 years Sig Sauer, who makes the guns, won the contract in January after winning the Army and Air Force’s modular handgun competition.

The new system will slowly phase out the M9.‘That's pretty dated technology,’ said Lt.

The Stinger missile launcher made history in the 1980s when it was used to take down Russia's legendary Hind attack helicopter - and now, the shoulder mounted weapon has its sights set on the drones of ISIS.

The US Army has modified the system and successfully demonstrated its abilities to intercept two small unmanned aerial vehicles and another unidentified drone for the first time.

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