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Some cams can provide an extra measure of security if a stranger approaches you when you’re parked and alone in a lot or stopped at an intersection.Surround-view dash-cam models can get a shot of creepy interlopers no matter what direction they approach from.(Alternatively, you could simply disable the microphone.)To help you decide whether a dash cam is worth the investment, here are five of the top reasons people buy one, along with our review of a handful of popular models and features we think you should look for:“At first, I thought dash cams looked like cool toys,” says Utah college student Rob Sanders.

(See our review of reviews of popular models and our take on dash cam features, both below.)U. wholesale shipments of these digital sentinels are steadily climbing, due largely to falling prices and growing consumer awareness.According to the Consumer Technology Association, they were up 10 percent in 2016, and are projected to rise an additional 15 percent in 2017 and generate million in revenue for the year.“I would describe dash-cam sales growth as brisk, but it is a niche category,” says Steve Koenig, senior director of market research at CTA.“For now, dash cams that you stick on the windshield are still the most popular,” says Carl Mathews, senior director of mobile merchandising at Crutchfield, one of the electronics retailers rated most highly by Consumer Reports readers.(Some states prohibit devices attached to the windshield.

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