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“I realized that if I’d been the one who was hit, I’d have had no evidence to give to my insurance or to the police. I know that if someone hits me, I can prove it to an insurance company.” Insurers don’t currently offer discounts on premiums for dash-cam owners, but they will review dash-cam footage of an accident, just as they accept photos snapped on the scene with a cell phone.

Dash-cam footage is more reliable than witness accounts and can be extremely useful to the insurance company in determining liability.

Once the gyro-enabled impact sensor is triggered, the camera creates a separate “incident” file that saves video from just prior to the impact and for an additional 1 to 5 minutes after—footage that could be essential to a police investigation if a car is broken into or struck while it’s parked.More advanced models can also record interior audio and video, and rear-facing video, and even display on your rearview mirror or stream to the internet.(See our review of reviews of popular models and our take on dash cam features, both below.)U. wholesale shipments of these digital sentinels are steadily climbing, due largely to falling prices and growing consumer awareness.Cameras don’t see the color of one’s skin.”It’s legal to use a dash cam to document interactions with police during a traffic stop, but we recommend that you notify any members of law enforcement that they are being recorded, just as you should notify occupants of your car.“Everyone tends to conduct themselves better when they know they’re on camera,” Lieutenant Murgo says.

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