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With his early Legiones Astartes, the Emperor first brought the Unification Wars to their successful close and then planned to unleash the Great Crusade intended to reunite all of Mankind across the galaxy beneath His benevolent rule, banishing the violence, superstition and injustice that had afficted humanity throughout the five millennia of the Age of Strife.Following the successful conclusion of the Unification Wars, the Emperor first ordered the construction of the great psychic beacon known as the Astronomican on Terra, which would enable His forces to expand the Great Crusade to the stars beyond the Sol System.The Age of the Imperium is the name given by Imperial lexographers and Historitors to the period of human history that represents the present time in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

But the Emperor's ambitions for the Primarchs appeared to be thwarted by a cataclysmic event, the true nature and scope of which has never been revealed.During Old Earth's isolation in the Age of Strife, the Emperor had for long years furthered His plans and worked to make the future Imperium possible.In preparation for the re-conquest of the galaxy He had conceived of and created the twenty Primarchs to be His transhuman agents of change and lords of war, his generals and the executors of His will -- great leaders who would conquer millions of worlds in His name.Alongside this ascendancy would come a rebirth of civilisation and government with the Emperor founding an all-embracing civil administration to order and rebuild His world, a program to cleanse the human population of centuries of genetic damage from the use of nuclear, alchemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, and concentrate such knowledge that could be salvaged from the dust of ages in newborn houses of learning and education.The unification of Terra would only be the start of His plan to revive the human race.

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