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Not all Radio Attic sellers are listed on this page.The Featured Sellers area highlights those sellers who regularly add new radios to their pages; sellers are listed alphabetically. | Archives Site Map | Links | VEclassified | E-mail Friendly Webmaster Radios for sale at the Radio Attic are offered by independent advertisers and not by the Webmaster. You must directly contact the seller to purchase a radio.If your favorite seller is not listed here, you will find ALL Radio Attic sellers listed on the Site Map. | How to Buy | The NEW Price Guide Sold Radios | Sold Radios by Manufacturer | What's My Radio Worth? Home Page | Radios by Manufacturer | Gallery of Radios | Terms & Conditions | FAQ New Radios! This was the formal name given to the binding agreements that regulate the coexistence of the Imperium of Man and the Cult Mechanicus.This treaty marked the official birth of the nascent Imperium of Man in the late 30th Millennium.Wrought to be living weapons, the Thunder Warriors were known to be physically stronger, more savage and more potent in combat than the later Astartes, though they were not as long-lived.

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But the Emperor's ambitions for the Primarchs appeared to be thwarted by a cataclysmic event, the true nature and scope of which has never been revealed.The Traitor Legions and their allies launched themselves in an assault upon the Imperium that ultimately led to Horus' death, the Emperor's eternal internment within the Golden Throne and the dawn of a new age of stagnation and constant warfare.During the Age of Strife the great Warp Storms that heralded the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh following the Fall of the Eldar had separated Terra from its interstellar colonies and plunged all the human civilisations across the Milky Way Galaxy into disarray, constant strife, and chaos.During Old Earth's isolation in the Age of Strife, the Emperor had for long years furthered His plans and worked to make the future Imperium possible.In preparation for the re-conquest of the galaxy He had conceived of and created the twenty Primarchs to be His transhuman agents of change and lords of war, his generals and the executors of His will -- great leaders who would conquer millions of worlds in His name.

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