We are dating now dramawiki

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He gives her the advertising account for his company to use as a way to bully her.

When their misunderstanding is finally cleared up and thinking all is fine now he tries to pursue her again because he is still madly in love with her.

Yang Yi Ru is a workaholic who never had time to take a break.The only soft spot in his life is his family (which consists of his grandmother, mother, older sister, aunt) and the pretty girl who lent him a pen during his final college exam.He cannot forget the girl that lent him a pen and has been searching for her for 6 years.Not knowing her name or who she is the only memory he has of her is a fuzzy image in a picture he keeps on his desk at home and the pen he never got the chance to return to her.Yang Yi-ru is a hardworking workaholic who basically runs the entire advertising company she works for due to her boss and co-workers always depending on her for everything.

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