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"A woman with her baby, 16-, 17-, 18-year-old girls here to shop for prom and got the shock of their life."Police arrived but the two strangers, who didn't even know each other's names, didn't flinch."They were like cuddled up while police were giving them tickets," said Peterson.A man and a woman who just met started kissing and rolling around in the middle of a Chula Vista shopping center for everyone to watch.Witnesses said it was something you just had to see to believe.The allegations against Mitchell appeared on the Chinese social media following the worldwide “#Me Too” movement that is encouraging people to share stories of sexual assault and harassment to raise public awareness and denounce such behaviors.In November last year an American teacher at Shanghai American School was sacked for reportedly sexually abusing his students.

Ku filed a lawsuit in which he also listed the university administrators as defendants, along with Mitchell.The man was handcuffed and taken to jail, and the woman was given a citation.SHANGHAI University of Finance and Economics said it has launched an investigation against one of its foreign teachers after reports of sexual harassment were posted online."We were just so shocked, our mouths were just opened."Security never showed up, so Peterson called police."We were just panicked and there were customers," said Peterson.

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