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Ancient Greek werewolves were not essentially “land sharks” that went hog wild once a month with the full moon, eating everything in sight, ravishing maidens, and generally acting like lupine Lotharios with an eye on human snack food.I guarantee, every werewolf Facebook page would insist “it’s complicated”.

Can we doubt that the change dates from the time when the champion has begun to act like the man in that legend which is current in reference to the temple of Lycaean Zeus in Arcadia? According to it, the worshipper who tasted the one human entrail, which was minced up with the other entrails of other victims, was inevitably metamorphosed into a wolf. …In like manner, should the commons’ champion find the populace so very compliant that he need make no scruple of shedding kindred blood,—should he, with unrighteous charges, as is the wont of such persons, prosecute his victims and render himself blood-guilty, making away with human life, and tasting the blood of his fellows with unholy tongue and lips—should he banish, and kill, and give the signal for cancelling debts and redistributing the land—is it not from thenceforth the inevitably destiny of such a man either to be destroyed by his enemies, or to become a tyrant, and be metamorphosed from a man into a wolf?

There is no escape from the alternative (Plato, The Republic, Book 8).

So Damarchus got changed to a wolf for a decade or so, but in order to become a real boy again, he was required to abstain from further consumption of human flesh while in wolfen form.

Everybody loves a comeback, or rather an “underdog”, so to speak.

So too, Agriopas, who wrote the Olympionics, informs us that Demaenetus, the Parrhasian, during a sacrifice of human victims, which the Arcadians were offering up to the Lycaean Jupiter, tasted the entrails of a boy who had been slaughtered; upon which he was turned into a wolf, but, ten years afterwards, was restored to his original shape and his calling of an athlete, and returned victorious in the pugilistic contests at the Olympic games (Pliny the Elder, Natural History, Book 8, Chapter 34).

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