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Much of a prick as he is, Justin Timberlake, in terms of talent and prestige, was certainly a tough act to follow. But after a brief dalliance with that mindfreak loser, Cam like Gisele is finally dating up, hopefully recognising her own super elite status and choosing accordingly.

As reported in Us Weekly, Cameron is seeing David David de Rothschild – now THAT is an old money name.

Beside that, he also appeared in Lucky You, Romulus, My Father; The Other Boleyn Girl; Star Trek and of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

In addition to Eric's rather introverted, serious or self-contained side, he has a wild streak and urge for emotional freedom that breaks through erratically.

Eric Bana craves both stability and excitement, and the conflict between these two impulses can make Bana rather tense and irritable. His freer and unpredictable side will now be described.

Bana's ties to his mother are very strong and Eric also seeks nurturing and protection from his spouse and other family members.

He is dedicated to the people he cares about and conscientious about fulfilling his responsibilities, especially to family.

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