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He could be equally entrancing as a weak-willed charmer in a low-budget British domestic drama (in the very fine with his sinister humanization of the young Magneto).

Perhaps best of all was his brief, majestic turn in Tarantino’s_ Inglourious Basterds,_ where Fassbender made it seem as though it had always been the case that he could drop into a movie for less than half an hour and deliver a performance of such precision and charisma that no one would forget it. And despite its raw subject matter, it is not in the least a titillating film. Because I take my work seriously but I can’t take myself too seriously.

"I had long hair, down to here..." he says, holding his hand level with his chest, "...ten-hole Doc Martens, and combat shorts cut at the knee." He and his friend Mike had a band, but they could never find a drummer or a bass player, and their only concert, in a local pub at the middle of the day, was just the two of them. They kept being asked to turn down the volume, lower and lower."No shortcuts allowed." I’m not sure whether he’s telling me this to explain why things aren’t cleaner or why they aren’t messier.In the middle of the room is a mini Ping-Pong table, borrowed from his British agent, who lives nearby.Dropping the weight required daunting commitment and self-control, and the result of these efforts is terrifying, bleak, and heartbreaking: a man forcing his own body to wither so far that soon there will no longer be room for a person inside it. For the first time, he marshals the union of otherworldly intensity, naturalism, and serene command that he has brought to a wildly diverse range of roles since.At one point there is a single uninterrupted camera shot that lasts for over seventeen minutes—a scene where he debates the path ahead with a skeptical priest, just two men talking—but if I hadn’t read that it was a single shot, I don’t think I would have noticed anything but what they said.* sparked something within Fassbender, or whether it simply alerted the film world that here was an actor who could do so much more than had yet been asked of him, after that one role everything seemed different.

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