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But, like Cooper, Seyfried herself wasn't exactly free from other romantic entanglements during their relationship. Wow."Seyfried makes no apologies for her bluntness."I like the freedom of being exactly who I am," the petite star said.The actress admitted she "dated" "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgard."He's superfunny," she said, "but I was too involved with Dom."Seyfried has spent the past several months filming "Now" with Justin Timberlake, one leading man whom she said it doesn't "suck making out with."The actress now has her sights set on actor Michael Fassbender."I'd really love to make out with [him]," she said. "And that's gotten me into trouble.""I talk like I know what I'm saying, but I don't," she added.According to an insider, the friendship between the two stars has recently blossomed into a something more."The recently started hanging out more, going on date-like activities," a source told the gossip magazine. butt they're seeing where it goes." Seyfried was most recently linked to "Dexter" actor Desmond Harington.I hope they’re happy.’’ Only last July Amanda told the same publication that she and Dom were inseparable. He’ll always be in my life regardless of what his girlfriends or future wife think.

The couple, who met on the set of 2008 film "Mamma Mia," dated on and off until last May."[It is] one of the easiest things in the world," Seyfried said of falling in love on a film set. You're put in a situation where you have to make out with each other.

And misspeaking in interviews is actually something she worries about."It would just show that I'm weak, not equipped to handle my job," Seyfried said.

Amanda Seyfried may be "very much a couple" with Ryan Phillippe these days, but moving on from her relationship with ex Dominic Cooper wasn’t an easy thing to do.

It's easy for things to get carried away." But the 25-year-old star said she made the mistake of "foolishly thinking" that Cooper and his ex-girlfriend "were done and Dom and I were involved.""But we weren't really as involved as I thought," she said.

"So I got my heart broken pretty hard."The co-stars got back together before seemingly splitting for good last year, making it "really hard to open myself up to a new person," Seyfried said.

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