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Now the discovery of a taped interview with Churchill’s former private secretary Sir John ‘Jock’ Colville confirms the affair.

Two years before his death in 1987, Sir John told archivists at Cambridge University’s Churchill College: ‘Winston Churchill was not a highly sexed man at all, and I don’t think that in his 60 or 55 years’ married life he ever slipped up, except on this one occasion.’He added: ‘Lady Churchill was not with him and by moonlight in the south of France he certainly had an affair, a brief affair with Castlerosse as I think she was called.

“Churchill from the day of the German attack, and him becoming Prime Minister, had a really fighting attitude.

He was really in touch with the mood and the soul of the British public.” “He wasn’t an aristocrat, but was raised in an aristocratic family in Blenheim Palace with all of the splendor.

I could see him probably spending a lot of time in the Churchill War Rooms, and really getting into the spirit.” But while Rendell had nothing but kind words for Gary Oldman’s work as Churchill, he did note, “The movie isn’t accurate in terms of events.” Not that he held that against "Darkest Hour," as he quickly added the caveat of, “But I understand with a film that characters and issues get collapsed into each other to fit it all into an hour and a half.

To create drama and a story, other issues are always brought in.” Rendell also defended one of "Darkest Hour’s" most controversial scenes, which fictitiously depicts Churchill going rogue and walking onto the tube in war-torn London, where he connects with the city’s inhabitants.

Gary Oldman’s mesmerising performance as Winston Churchill in the film Darkest Hour has, quite rightly, earned him Best Actor Bafta and Oscar nominations in the forthcoming awards.

The former prime minister was rumoured to have been unfaithful to wife Clementine with the London socialite in the 1930s, but it had never been proved.

Churchill painted at least two portraits of Lady Castlerosse, one of her reclining on a chaise longue.

In a 1934 letter found by Professor Richard Toye, of Exeter University, Churchill wrote to his mistress: ‘What fun we had at Maxine’s. You were once again a manifest blessing and a ray of sunshine around the pool.’After the affair ended the pair met in the US in 1942.

Lady Castlerosse was desperate to return to the UK and, with the portrait safely in her possession, persuaded her ex-lover into helping her travel to London.

Churchill warned it would damage relations between the US and the UK if the painting fell into the wrong hands, according to Lady Castlerosse’s husband Valentine.

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